Killer Fungus @ Manchester Science Festival

Mushrooms aren’t always fun, guys. They can be deadly – and so can yeasts and moulds. Join us as we spotlight just how deadly fungal infections can be. You can also take part in “Outbreak!”, an app-based, problem-solving, role-playing game, in which players will battle a fungal pandemic.

You’ll have the opportunity to get up close and personal: play fungal infection computer games, explore fungal disease with 3D printed fungi and a human manikin, join in arts and crafts activities and view a time-lapse video of fungal infection spreading. Get to know the real Fungus the Bogeyman.


There’s been an outbreak of killer fungus – only you can stop it and save mankind. Gather your family and friends and pit your wits against a deadly disease in this app-based, role-playing challenge. Follow the clues around our gallery, consult with scientists and see if you can discover the cure… before it’s too late. You’ll need a smartphone and headphones to take part in the full experience and can book your place on the day at the venue.



Fungal Invaders

You’ve been infected with the Killer Fungus! Load-up your antifungal antibiotics and defend the human body from the fungal onslaught in this classic arcade shooter.

Killer Fungus:  Evolution

Feeling infectious? Take on the role of a killer fungus and evolve special attributes to win the battle against the human immune system!


Get Hands on with the Killer Fungus

Explore the internal organs of the human body, and discover the gruesome details of invasive fungal disease.

Get your hands on kidneys, lungs and brain to find out how fungi like Candida, Aspergillus and Cryptococcus grows in the human body.