Our exhibit spotlights UK research that will help to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment of mycoses. Join us at the exhibit and play games to understand fungus-host interplay and antifungal antibiotic treatment, Use our manikin to see which parts of the human body are infected by different fungal species and examine the world's largest Petri dish containing fungi, together with a time-lapse video showing their growth.


Fungal Invaders

You’ve been infected with the Killer Fungus! Load-up your antifungal antibiotics and defend the human body from the fungal onslaught in this classic arcade shooter.

Killer Fungus:  Evolution

Feeling infectious? Take on the role of a killer fungus and evolve special attributes to win the battle against the human immune system!


Get Hands on with the Killer Fungus

Explore the internal organs of the human body, and discover the gruesome details of invasive fungal disease.

Get your hands on kidneys, lungs and brain to find out how fungi like Candida, Aspergillus and Cryptococcus grows in the human body.


The World's largest Petri dish

Watch real, live Fungi in action as they grow and take over The World’s Largest Petri Dish.